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Sacred Face Salon Treatments Permanent Makeup Powder Brows

In-Person Consultation

Meet with your artist, Nicole, previous to any cosmetic or medical tattoo sessions to review the options for your skin type and goals. In this session, you'll learn pre- and post-treatment protocols and what to expect for outcomes. 


Permanent Powder Brows

Powder brows is a cosmetic tattoo technique designed to create brows with a soft, powder effect very similar to filling in your brows with a pencil. This is perfect for women with or without brow hair. Powder brows generally last 2-4 years before needing a color top-off. A consult is required before booking.​ Read more about powder brows on the blog.

Permanent Eyeliner

Ditch the pens! Permanent eyeliner is a treatment that replaces the need to wear eyeliner each day. If a permanent eyeliner tattoo isn't your thing but you still want the benefit of having an enhanced lash line, then a lash enhancement is what you need! This gives you the appearance of thicker, fuller lashes. A consult is required before booking.​

Scar & Stretch Mark Camouflage Tattoo

A scar camouflage tattoo is a non-invasive procedure where pigment is applied to blend with the surrounding skin, reducing the appearance of scars. The natural-looking skin tones help restore confidence by disguising scars from surgeries, injuries, burns, and skin irregularities. A consult is required before booking. Price given at consult. Read more on the blog.

Laser Teeth Whitening​​

Our proprietary gels are strong enough to deliver the results you want, yet gentle enough to provide a non-invasive pleasurable teeth whitening experience in just 60 minutes. Most clients see a 10-14 shade difference. Our teeth whitening gels are manufactured in the US using only the highest quality USA organic, plant and mineral based ingredients and has been proven to whiten as well or better than other dental whiteners, but without the level of sensitivity and side effects that other whiteners can deliver. The more water you drink before & after, the better the results. Lasts up to a year! ​Read more about teeth whitening on the blog page.

Usually $199; Special $99 for a 60-minute treatment


This is an ancient and traditional art of hair removal - a process that is fast, meticulous, and minimally invasive. 

Brows: $25

Upper Lip: $25

Sideburns: $35

Full Face: $75

Brow Tints & Henna Brows

Regular brow tint lasts up to 6 weeks on the hair and up to 7 days on the skin.

Henna is a brow enhancement using a form of Henna dye to stain the skin and color the brow hair. Your new brow shape will last up to 8 weeks on the hair and 10 days o the skin. This is a great way to get an idea of what permanent makeup will look like without the commitment. 

*Buy 3 or more Henna sessions up front & get 10% off

Tint: $35; Henna $55

Lash Tints 

Lash tint gives a darker and dramatic look as if you were wearing mascara. It also lasts up to 7 weeks on the hair. Toss the mascara with a lash treatments like this! Tint is Ammonia-Free, Paraben Free, & Cruelty-Free.

Tint: $45; Lash Tint + Brow Tint or Henna: $25

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